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FEB 2024

2/1 Resonate 9pm Bass Natives Take Over 9pm
2/2 Trasnmisson (D&B) 9pm 
2/3 Rage n Recover  8pm
2/6 Techno Taco TUesday 9pm
2/8 Resonate ft Dmtry & Funky Bad Chad 9pm
2/9 TBC
2/10 Funk Freak Records Funk Love tour 9pm 
2/13 Babes n Blues 7pm
2/14  Playful Passtimes Game night & Jam session 7pm
2/15 Resonate 9pm
2/16 7empest 
2/17 Nems x Mac Lethal Don't Ever Disrespect me tour 8pm
2/21 Open (No Show)
2/22 Resonate pm
2/23 Gold Necklace 8pm
2/24 Sin Sity Sisters Gala of GOREgeous  7:30pm
2/28 Sgt. Papers (psych punk from Mexico) 8pm
2/29 The Ocean 8pm
3/5 The Usual Place 4 yr anniv 7pm


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